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A solo camping trip? Think this sounds a bit loco? The love for solo camping is loved by many outdoor enthusiasts. If you are one of those enthusiasts, the solo stove and solo pot 900 combo is highly recommended. If you’re just looking for the number one backpacking stove, the solo stove and solo pot 900 combo is the way to go. It is the wood-burning backpacking stove that is highly recommended by theBackpacker Magazine and Discovery channel’s Matt Graham and other hard-core survivalists.
Patented design has great features like a unique double wall that provides secondary combustion and ultra-clean gasification and meaning fuel will burn with less smoke and more completely. The use of twigs, pine cones, leaves, and wood as fuel is more cost efficient than gas burning stoves and will eliminates the need to carry bulky, heavy, pollution causing canister fuels.

Solo pot 900 and Solo Stove combo is a great wood gas stove that uses secondary combustion allowing the stove to have a cleaner, more efficient burn. The bottom vents will let the air to enter and rise up the bottom of the grate to fuel the primary combustion, the top down smolder. Air in the bottom vents, when it heats up the inner wall and rises up, it enters into the top firebox vents which causes the secondary combustion at the top of the stove. This technique allows the stove to have less smoke and an efficient, clean burn.

     Forget the Fuel: With a stove that burns off of wood and twigs or what you find on your adventure, there is no need for expensive, heavy and polluting petroleum gas.

     Gasify your Wood: The secondary combustion process and unique gasification process allows a complete burn and is very efficient. This means less smoke and less trips to collect wood or twigs.

     Travel Lighter: The Solo Stove weighs in at 9 oz and does not need the extra weight of fuel canisters. This great stove will also fit inside many types of pots allowing more space in the backpack.

     Stay Green: Reduce your carbon footprint by keeping fuel canisters out of landfills and by using a great, easy to find renewable resource.

     Be Prepared: The Solo Stove will be you’re best friend in all emergency situations. With the great feature of being a wood burning stove, you’ll never have the fear of running out of fuel and will able to cook in all situations and in all areas of life.